E.I.R. tpc

The Edit In Recorder – three piece composition is a graphical piece for acoustic and electronic instruments and other sounds made by Jaleh Negari.

The three black&white visual scores where made by translating field-recordings into graphics. 113x45cm ink, charchoal and pen on mat inkjet folie

The field-recordings are collected by Negari in Deh Banafsh, Kelardasht and the forrest of Kelardasht in Northern Iran / Hamburg Mitte Neustadt and Gängeviertel in Hamburg Germany / HC Ørstedsparken, Marmorbroen and Christians Brygge in Copenhagen Denmark.

The piece where interpreted, arranged and performed by electronic musician Arash Pandi, bassist Derek Shirley and Jaleh Negari in Berlin september 2019 a new collective collaboration, for festival Klangteppich – Festival für Musik der iranischen Diaspora II 2019.

The project where supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.